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Visibli is now!

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Hello everyone,

We’re excited to share 3 important announcements with you:

  1. Visibli is now
  2. Pricing is simpler and lower
  3. Introducing — social conversation tracking that’s simpler and digestible


1) Visibli is now

Visibli has always been about adding an identity to the sharer, and then helping you optimize everything shared by you through our analytics. Now, instead of just writing on our Engagement Bar that the link was shared by you, we’re putting it right in the URL! The Visibli shortener ( will also change to

For most users, this won’t change a thing. All your past links will automatically redirect to

If you have Visibli’s code installed on your website or blog to convert external links, please visit this page to reinstall your javascript code (or simply change to in the code). The old code will only remain valid for the next 2 weeks, and links will no longer auto-convert with the old code after that time.

2) Pricing is simpler and lower

Sometimes too many options is … well, too many. So we’ve simplified and lowered our pricing. Now, when you visit the Pricing page, you’ll notice just 2 options:

  1. A FREE option, which continues to be what it is today — perfect for users looking to add the Engagement Bar to their links, with basic real-time link analytics
  2. A $7 Influencer option, which has been lowered from $19 — great for users who want to categorize their shared content, and see which topic or format receives the most engagement. This option also includes information about the best times to share each category of content.

If you’re currently a paid user on a higher-priced plan, we’ll be moving you to the $7 price in the coming weeks on PayPal. Please bear with us, as sometimes PayPal doesn’t allow changes if we’re close to the billing cycle.

3. Introducing — social conversation tracking that’s simple and digestible

We’ve all wanted to track social conversations at some point in time, and thought: “There’s gotta be a better way than a Twitter Search column.”

Introducing, a real-time tracker for all social conversations around keywords, hashtags and urls.

This is super-exciting for us, and you’re the first ones to hear about it. We’re still in beta, but we’ll be sharing more information soon. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek: Now imagine being able to set this up in 2 minutes, with one search field. It’s coming.

Until then,
Keep sharing!


An Open Letter to Larry Ellison – From Visibli

Hey Larry – Noticed that you just started running a Promoted Account campaign on Twitter. Welcome aboard!

Larry Ellison on Twitter

Here’s the thing: You may be rich, but no one likes to throw money out the window. We’re a startup that makes Twitter ads 50% – 150% better … In other words, reach way more people for the same spend.

(Admittedly, we’ve worked with competitors of Oracle to optimize their Twitter ads, but it wasn’t an exclusive!)

If you want a handful of new followers, you’re on your way. But if you want to get 1.5X – 2.5X more than that, let me know. We can help.


Edit: PS – Yes, I know you just bought Vitrue and Collective Intellect, but they won’t solve your Twitter ad issues. Let’s compare notes.

Who we are: Your *second* social analytics tool

An interesting part of learning who we are as a social analytics company has been the discovery of who we aren’t.

When speaking with potential customers, we’ve realized that we aren’t a good fit for companies looking for their very first social analytics tool. More often than not, companies at this stage are looking for:

  • How many fans and followers do we have (and has this number been growing)?
  • How many clicks, Likes and RTs did we get?
  • What’s our Klout score?

These are all great data points to have. It’s just not our point of differentiation. If this is what you’re looking for, don’t pay us! (Or anyone for that matter. There are many tools that provide this for free, including the free version of Visibli)

Where Visibli becomes a good fit (and where we’ve gained traction with agencies and brands) is once companies are ready for the next step — trying to understand followers and optimize content for them. The questions we help answer are:

  • What categories of my content are most engaging?
  • What topics are my followers interested in most?
  • What are my competitors doing, and how do my followers compare to theirs?

We realize that not every company needs this level of information. Many are (rightfully) comfortable with other products as their first social analytics tool.

We have just gained better traction with companies looking for their second one.

Introducing The Express Bus

Hi Everyone,

Some of you may have started noticing a new short URL in your tweets: It’s something we have been experimenting with over the last few weeks, and just started rolling out to many more accounts this week.

As you know, prior to this, we used various URL shortening services to distribute your links. Among them were,, and We’ll still use these services when necessary, but have moved a lot of our links to for a simple but important reason: it’s faster.

Because sits on our servers, it means that followers who click your links don’t have to bounce through multiple services before they arrive at the destination page. The links are coming to our servers already (it’s how we provide the awesome analytics), so might as well bring them here right away instead of going through an intermediary.

Note: For those of you who have provided your Bitly credentials, your links will continue to use your Bitly URLs.

It’s a continued effort to make the process seamless for your followers, and this is another step in that direction.


Introducing Analytics++

Hi Everyone,

As you know, one of our objectives here at Visibli is to help users optimize their social media engagement — in other words, help you share content that’s more interesting to your followers.

Over the last couple of weeks, many of you have started to see (and subscribe to!) the new version of our analytics platform. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, you can do so by visiting the Analytics page. The different sections should give you a taste of what’s behind the scenes.

There are many new features in this version, but the two that are worth highlighting here are content categorization, and follower segmentation and targeting.

Categorize Links (click to enlarge)

Content Categorization

In the last version of our analytics product, we showed you what your most popular links were. This time, we’ve got well beyond that to make things even easier. We now automatically categorize your content into popular topics (technology, entertainment, music, etc.), and show you how many average clicks content from each of these categories receives. We do the same by analyzing and comparing formats (videos, images, articles, etc.) so that you know what your followers are engaging with the most!



Segment Followers (click to enlarge)

Follower Segmentation & Targeting
This is probably the coolest and most valuable part of the new platform.

Say you tweet about technology and sports. But what if a significant portion of your followers are actually interested in entertainment? The new Analytics platform does this analysis for you. We’ll study the content from your most engaged followers to understand what topics they’re interested in. We’ll then present it to you so that you can have a better sense of their interests.

Better yet. Not only can you filter your followers based on their interests, but you can also sort them based on influence, engagement level and interest level. Then, right from the system, you can send them very targeted messages.


Finally, two more sections that we’ve created are timing optimization (what’s the best time to tweet each day? week?), and performance scorecard (how are you performing, and what are some actionable recommendations?).

Using these, every Twitter user can increase the engagement they receive from their followers. If you’d like to purchase the new analytics, or if you have any questions, feel free to email us at


Google: Online Ad CTRs Falling Even Lower!

Howdy all!

In our content and presentations, we often make claims that Visibli’s Engagement Bar is orders of magnitude better than typical promotional content. Historically, image, flash and even rich media ads have had CTRs of around 0.1%.

Well, they’re getting even worse!

Recently released data from Google (story: Mashable) suggests that CTRs for ads now sit at 0.09%.

Industry Ad CTRs

Industry Ad CTRs

What this trend is telling us is that internet users are not only disengaged from many of the existing ad formats, but are tuning them out completely — “Banner Blindness” as they call it. What they’re prefer instead, is to be presented with content that they have already shown interest in and would love to hear more about!

The Engagement Bar, with 5%+ CTRs, does exactly that. Not only does it extend your brand every time you share a link (and your Fans/Followers pass it along), but it also helps you promote your newest campaigns. When this happens, readers are eager to engage with that content.

Something to keep in mind as we all use the Engagement Bar. Do you have a new campaign you’d like to make your followers aware of? Remember to update the bar and keep things fresh!



Seesmic + Visibli Partner Up to Provide Real-time Analytics in App

We’re super thrilled to announce today that we’ve just launched a new partnership with Seesmic, the awesome Twitter app used by so many power users and brand managers.

What do power users and brands love more than anything else? Data. Analytics. Numbers that go up and down… and up again.

Starting today, all Seesmic users will be able to see real-time analytics for the links they share on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks; and they’ll be able to do this from right within the app!

Visibli Plugin for Seesmic

Visibli Plugin for Seesmic

Here’s Seesmic’s take in their blog post, and you can download the Visibli plugin from their marketplace.

Give it a try, and let us know what you think.


Visibli Raises Financing, Partners With John Legend, Quincy Jones and Others

[Press Release]

Following Impressive Trials, Visibli Partners with John Legend, Quincy Jones and Interscope Records for Direct-to-Fan Marketing

●      Visibli, creators of the Engagement Bar™, raises new round of financing from Extreme Venture Partners and angel investors

●      The company is announcing new partnerships with John Legend and other tier-1 music artists after trials with Quincy Jones and Interscope Records led to 50x higher engagement than typical rates.

●      Hundreds of brands and agencies also use Visibli to promote their products, with more than 50 million links managed monthly

March 3, 2011

TORONTO—Visibli, creators of the link-based Engagement Bar™, is proud to announce their most recent funding round as well as new partnerships with prominent artists such as John Legend, Quincy Jones and Interscope Records.  The company’s Engagement Bar, which was released in October 2010, helps artists and brands promote their products through Twitter and Facebook links.  Over 50 million links are shared with the Visibli Engagement Bar each month.

The current round’s participants include Extreme Venture Partners and several angel investors. The company will be using the financing to extend the Engagement Bar platform and build deep analytics to help users better understand audience behavior.

50x Higher Engagement for Artists and Music Labels

Visibli is revolutionizing direct-to-fan marketing by giving artists and labels a new way to actively promote their music directly to fans.  By integrating with services like SoundCloud, FanBridge and iTunes, the company has increased its focus in the space.

The fledging company has also signed new partnerships with multi-Grammy winner John Legend and a number of other tier-1 artists to help them promote their music with each link.  Recent trials with Quincy Jones and his label, Interscope Records, led to 50x higher engagement from fans compared to typical rates.

“The value from a tool like Visibli’s Engagement Bar is crystal clear,” said Lee Hammond, Director of New Media at Interscope Records. “We’re constantly looking for tools to help us with direct-to-fan marketing, and this fits in perfectly with our strategy. Our artists have millions of fans who they interact with everyday on Facebook and Twitter, and this will allow us to share his music with them in an engaging and non-intrusive way.”

Visibli for Brands and Agencies

Visibli has also achieved significant growth working with hundreds of brands and agencies everyday. The company’s Engagement Bar platform allows organizations to better-interact with their customers. Using the self-serve system, brands are able to customize the promotional messages shared with each link, and track the success of their campaigns with detailed analytics.


Quincy Jones Example

Quincy Jones Example

Visibli Analytics

Visibli Analytics

For more information about Visibli, please visit

About Visibli

Visibli pushes the boundaries of traditional web-based promotional tools by helping companies expand their digital audience, and promote their products through shared links. Founded by Saif Ajani and Minaz Abdulla, the company has continued to grow in popularity among brands, publishers and artists, and manages over 50mm links each month for its clients.


Sr. Engineer: Base + Stock Options (Free iPad for Referrals)

Join a VC-backed startup as one of its first 5 employees!

Visibli is changing the way links are shared and consumed on the web. Our partners include 3 of the top 4 music labels, professional athletes and national publishers. With the company growing rapidly, we’re looking for new teammates to join us.

The company is backed by Extreme Venture Partners (, and resides in one of the truly coolest workspaces you have ever seen. We’re located at Yonge & King in downtown Toronto, and share office space with some of the smartest and fastest-growing tech startups in the country.

* IDC: Ten Canadian Digital Media Companies to Watch
* TheNextWeb: 7 Canadian Start-Ups to watch in 2011
* TechCrunch: Visibli Gives Brands And Companies A Way To Personalize Links

You are a talented, motivated engineer who knows how to punch above your weight class. You’re not afraid to tackle big challenges and “make-it-happen” in half the time it takes the next engineer. Your get bored at businesses that have you doing the same, limited tasks everyday.

You want a hands-on experience with full exposure to each element of the business — think, build, ship, review, repeat. You have big aspirations, have always wanted to be part of a founding team, and see this as an opportunity to join a startup at the ground floor with significant equity.

- 1-3 yrs of web development experience: PHP, RoR, Web Services, MySQL, LAMP stack
- Proficient in Object Oriented Design principles and design patterns
- Experience with latest web technologies and platforms: AJAX, JSON, DOM, etc.
- A degree in a computer-related field
- Experience with social media and APIs (Facebook,Twitter, Youtube) desirable
- Experience with UI design/graphics development is highly advantageous
- Scaling web applications on multiple servers is highly advantageous
- Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment

- Free breakfast every morning
- Once a week lunch and learns
- Agile team room
- Foosball and ping pong tables
- Access to a Playstation 3, XBox 360 (with Kinect) and Microsoft Surface in our games room
- Full benefits

Email us your interest: jobs at


Add a ‘Stache to Your Site –

Excited about Movember? We are. Any time you can make good people look funny with ‘staches is a great time in our books!  But why stop there? We’ve used Visibli to have some fun with it — all the while, raising money for prostate cancer. To add a ‘stache to any site…

Add “” before any URL


Seriously, try it. And if you want to link your own Mo Space or Donate pages to your Movember Engagement Bar, you can customize it as well. Let us know what you think, and grow your site’s mo!


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